COSTA MESA, Calif. (AP) _ Ousted PTL leader Jim Bakker bought a vintage 1953 Rolls-Royce in 1984 for his own use, as well as a 1939 Rolls for the television ministry, according to a car dealer.

Gary Concannon, owner of Concannon Horseless Stables, said the luxury cars were purchased in June 1984 with money wired from PTL's Fort Mill, S.C., headquarters.

However, it was not known whose money was used to pay for the vehicles, and calls to Bakker's Palm Springs home Thursday were not answered.

Purchase contracts listed Bakker as the owner of a 1953 burgundy Silver Dawn Rolls-Royce bought for $58,884, and the Heritage USA theme park the intended owner of a 1939 Phantom III V12, Concannon said. He would not disclose the price of the older car.

PTL accountants had been looking for the 1939 Rolls, which Concannon is restoring, along with an estimated $92 million in church funds.

Concannon said the television ministry owes him $12,500 for restoration of the older Rolls. PTL officials have asked him to auction the car, and Concannon said he plans to deduct his restoration costs from the proceeds.

Bakker resigned as head of the PTL television ministry March 19 after admitting to an extramarital sexual encounter.

PTL, which stands for Praise the Lord or People That Love, was taken over by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, who has asked ''PTL Club'' viewers to contribute money to keep it afloat.

Concannon said Bakker had told him the 1939 Phantom III V12 would be used to chauffeur parishioners, but the auto dealer said he found out this week the car actually had been meant for encasing in glass atop a Heritage USA hotel complex.