ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) _ A family was struck twice by tragedy when a grandfather suffered a fatal heart attack and his 2-year-old grandson died in a traffic crash as his family rushed to the hospital.

The crash on Sunday occurred as members of 63-year-old Billy M. Smith's family were heading to a hospital in Fullerton where Smith was taken, police Investigator Robert DePaola said. Smith died later that day.

Daniel Smith, sitting unrestrained on his mother's lap, was thrown into the dashboard when the car apparently ran a stop sign and collided with a van, DePaola said. The child died Monday.

''It's real tragic,'' Sgt. Harold Parkison said Tuesday. ''If he had at least had a seat belt on, he'd be alive.''

The child's mother and 3-year-old sister were treated for minor injuries. The driver was listed in guarded condition Wednesday at UCI Medical Center in Orange. The driver of the van wasn't injured.