NEW YORK (AP) _ Joe and Lorraine Caldera celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Tuesday and accepted a gift from the state - a share of last week's $13.1 million Lotto jackpot.

The Calderas and four relatives held the only winning ticket for the drawing April 12.

''Not bad. Twenty-five years, and what a way to celebrate 3/8'' said Mrs. Caldera at the state lottery office in the World Trade Center.

They got the good news Thursday when returned home from Rome, where Caldera, an insurance sales manager, had attended a convention.

''We were ready to sit down, unpack and relax, and we came home to a house full of screaming people,'' said Mrs. Caldera, 44. ''I thought they had quite a nerve throwing a party in my own house.''

Then it sank in: She and her husband, along with her mother, her brother and his wife, and a brother-in-law, would split the jackpot.

''It was chaos. I had no idea what was going on,'' Caldera said. ''I thought at first it was a party for our anniversary, but thought, No, they wouldn't do that at 3 in the afternoon.

''We just dropped the luggage. I was in a state of shock.''

For the next 20 years, a check for about $500,000 will arrive, to be split by the Calderas; Richard and Helen Colgan of Mineola; Alice Colgan of Queens; and John Seychel of Queens.

The group played the same number for nine months.