FRESNO, Calif. (AP) _ Kidnap and murder charges were dropped Wednesday against a former radio news reporter who recanted his confession that he killed a 2-year-old boy.

Steven Diddy, a former reporter for KMPH, was ordered released by Superior Court Judge Stephen Henry, who said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him for the murder of Matthew Moorby.

The child was missing for two days in February 1996 before his body was found in a lake in North Fresno. Diddy confessed in October to kidnapping and killing the boy, but later recanted.

Ruled incompetent to stand trial, he returned from Atascadero State Hospital last month and reinstated his innocent plea. After his release, Diddy was to be taken to a mental hospital for treatment.

The boy's mother, Julie Williams, said it is difficult not knowing who the real killer is. ``I'm going to go back to living each day wondering, `Gee is this going to be the day?' It's just a lot of frustration,'' she said.