PHOENIX (AP) _ The co-founder of Earth First 3/8 and four members of the militant environmental group will stand trial on charges stemming from an alleged plot to sabotage nuclear power plants.

U.S. District Judge Robert Broomfield set an April 2 trial date on Friday after accepting innocent pleas from four of the defendants charged in an indictment returned last week.

David Foreman, who helped found Earth First 3/8 10 years ago and resigned from the organization last summer, is charged with conspiracy to sabotage a nuclear facility and destruction of an energy facility. Broomfield set a Dec. 26 arraignment for Foreman.

The other defendants are Mark Leslie Davis, Margaret Katherine Millett, Marc Andre Baker and Ilse Washington Asplund, all of Prescott. They face the same conspiracy charges as Foreman, plus charges of malicious destruction of property, destruction of property of an energy facility and depredation of government property. All pleaded innocent and will remain free on bond pending trial.

Broomfield rejected a motion by Foreman's lawyer, Gerry Spence of Jackson, Wyo., that his client be tried separately from the other defendants.

Davis, Baker and Millett were arrested in May 1989 as they allegedly were attempting to cut down a power pole west of Phoenix with a propane torch.

The original indictment against the three and Foreman alleged they planned to topple the power pole as a training exercise for a broader attack on lines leading to three nuclear power plants, including the Palo Verde Plant 50 miles west of Phoenix.

Asplund was added as a defendant in an second indictment issued last week, which alleges Davis and Millett sabotaged a ski lift in 1987.