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MOSCOW (AP) _ Explosives experts rushed to investigate what looked like a bomb attached to an anti-Semitic sign Wednesday, but determined it was a fake.

The sign on a Moscow highway carried the same epithet as a sign that caused an explosion last month when a passer-by attempted to remove it.

Police cordoned off the area after a driver said he saw the red sign with black letters reading ``Death to Jews.''

Using a robot and a sniffer dog, the explosives team examined and dismantled a package attached to the sign. There was no bomb inside.

Last month, a woman was seriously injured while trying to remove a similar sign on a road outside Moscow. Copycat signs also appeared in the city of Voronezh last week.

The explosion came amid heightened fears of racist violence in Moscow, and Russian skinheads have threatened a ``war against foreigners.'' The day after the explosion, skinheads in Moscow attacked a 16-year-old American Jewish boy whose father serves as the rabbi in Voronezh.