OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) _ A funeral service was held Sunday for Bill Wahpepah, a member of the Kickapoo and Sauk Fox Indian tribes who worked for more than 20 years developing agencies to help Indians. He was 49.

Wahpepah died Friday while being treated for stomach ulcers and diabetes at a local hospital, friends said.

The Oklahoma native was a leader of the International Indian Treaty Council and the American Indian Movement, which created the council to represent 99 tribes. He had addressed United Nations committees in Europe on several occasions about the problems of Indians in North, South and Central America.

''We was known to people in Japan, in Europe, Canada, South and Central America,'' said Andrea Carmen of the local AIM office. ''He had done so many things. ... But he always had time for the old people, and for children. It will be hard without him.''

Locally, Wahpepah had helped organize a drop-in center for Indians, the American Indian Adult Education Program in the Oakland schools, and a day care program.

He is survived by his wife Carol, six children, his mother, a brother and three sisters.

Relatives said a traditional Indian burial was planned Monday at Shawnee, Okla.