LONDON (AP) _ Thousands of squealing teen-age fans turned out to see Leonardo DiCaprio and his co-stars at Thursday night's London premiere of ``The Man in The Iron Mask.''

DiCaprio, 23, took his grandmother to the show in Leicester Square and introduced her to Prince Charles, whose charity, The Prince's Trust, will benefit from the premiere.

The young star gave Charles an iron mask, similar to the one he wore in the movie.

About 5,000 people, mainly teen-age girls, had waited for up to six hours pressed against crowd barriers outside the theater to see the star.

``This publicity trip has been like doing a Rolling Stones tour,'' said co-star Gabriel Byrne.

``I don't envy him this at all,'' said actor Jeremy Irons. ``Leonardo doesn't like that sort of attention. It gets in the way of work.''

``In life, he's a very humble, normal guy,'' Irons said.

Screams of adulation could be heard even inside the cinema.