CAIRO, Egypt (AP) _ An Egyptian man tried Thursday to hijack an EgyptAir plane by claiming a jar of hair gel was a bomb, but was overpowered by the crew and handed over to police in southern Egypt, airport officials said.

Flight 233, an Airbus 321 with 165 people aboard, was on its way from Cairo to the popular southern tourist city of Aswan, when Shaaban Ali tried to enter the cockpit, the officials said.

Ali had not specified any demands or aims, according to the officials. He was being questioned in Aswan, 500 miles south of Cairo, they said.

Nationalities of the passengers were not available.

On Oct. 19, an EgyptAir flight was commandeered between Istanbul, Turkey, and Cairo. Fathallah Khalaf, an Egyptian, allegedly poked a pen into the neck of a crew member and forced the plane to fly to Germany, where he was overpowered and detained. None of the 46 passengers on board was harmed.