PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. (AP) _ At least seven people drowned in weekend accidents across Northern California as boaters and swimmers flocked to take advantage of waning summer weather. Two others were missing.

Officials said carelessness likely was to blame.

``I just think that it's everybody's last shot at the summer weather and people are not being as careful as they normally would be,'' said Coast Guard Lt. Alan Tubbs.

Two people died when their boat capsized Sunday along the coast at Pacific Grove, 84 miles south of San Francisco.

On Saturday, at a beach near Santa Cruz, a father and son were overcome by waves.

Sonoma County authorities said a diver drowned Saturday near Sea Ranch, and a fisherman drowned in the San Joaquin Delta west of Stockton, about 60 miles east of San Francisco. A teen-ager drowned while swimming near Berkeley, 10 miles east of the city.

Near Geyserville, 70 miles north of the city, two men were missing after a boating accident Sunday at Lake Sonoma.