KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) _ A blistering heat wave killed at least 36 people in different parts of Pakistan over the weekend, doctors and police said Monday.

In some parts of the country, temperatures soared to 122 degrees.

At least 30 people, many of them children, died in southern Sindh province, the hottest area of the country. Most of the deaths were the result of heat stroke and dehydration. Scores more have been hospitalized, officials said.

Most deaths were reported in Kheirpur, Jacobabad and Hyderabad. Seven people died in Kheirpur alone, doctors said. There were also reports of heat-related deaths in eastern Punjab province, where 60 percent of Pakistanis live.

Pakistan is bracing for one of its hottest years and much of the country is already facing a severe drought. In some parts of Sindh and southwestern Baluchistan there has been no rain in more than one year.

The lack of water has ruined crops and contributed to the high death rate, said Saeed Ahmed Somroo, a professor at Sindh University.