GRAPEVINE, Texas (AP) _ Part of an American Airlines terminal at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport was evacuated for several hours Thursday after security officials found a suspicious device during a routine baggage screening.

The terminal was reopened and airport operations resumed after a bomb squad used a robot to remove the device, which appeared to include a section of pipe.

``The pipe had wires and threaded caps,'' airport spokesman David Magana said.

The bag was dropped off for screening by a passenger who later boarded a flight to Birmingham, Ala., Magana said.

In Birmingham, investigators with dogs searched American flight 1140 after its arrival, but found nothing suspicious and cleared the plane to continue to its next destination.

Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Amy Von Walter said one passenger, who was missing a bag when he arrived, was speaking with agents but had not been arrested.

``He is being questioned, and we are trying to confirm that it was his bag,'' she said.