TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) _ Dozens of students opposed to the selection of a military general as Taiwan's new premier disrupted a parliamentary session Friday, and hundreds more protested for a third day in a downtown park.

About 500 college students were participating in the park rally, which began after President Lee Teng Hui chose Defense minister Hau Pei-tsun to be premier.

Shouting pro-democracy and anti-military slogans, the students held a sit- in and listened to speeches. Hundreds of riot police monitored the demonstration.

Earlier, a session of the lawmaking Legislative Yuan was disrupted when about 60 students clashed with police inside the building. The students unfurled banners that read ''Oppose Military Interference'' and ''Hau lacks popular support.''

Two students suffered minor injuries during the brief scuffle, witnesses said.

President Lee's selection of Hau, Taiwan's only four-star general, as head of the Cabinet has sparked heated debates in the legislature.

Opposition lawmakers criticized the move as a step backward for democracy. But Lee said Friday he believed Hau, 71, would bring political stability and social order to Taiwan.

In a meeting with lawmakers, Lee described his decision as ''strong medicine'' to cure the island's soaring crime rate and worsening economy.

Hau was appointed defense minister last year after being chief of the 500,000-member armed forces for eight years.