MANASSAS, Va. (AP) _ The woman famous for cutting off her husband's penis was acquitted Thursday of punching and scratching her mother.

Lorena Gallo, who has used her maiden name since divorcing John Bobbitt in 1995, was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly attacking her mother in a fight over family bills.

Elvia Gallo had tried to have the charges against her daughter dismissed, but a judge refused, saying Ms. Gallo has a history of abusing family members.

But Thursday, Judge James Robeson ruled there was no evidence to convict.

``If you ask me do I suspect she's guilty, the answer is yes. But there is reasonable doubt,'' Robeson said.

``My mom and I love each other,'' Ms. Gallo, 20, said outside court. ``To me, blood is thicker than water.''

It was the same courthouse where her celebrated 1994 malicious wounding trial took place. The then-Mrs. Bobbitt claimed she was physically and emotionally abused by her husband, and a jury ruled she was temporarily insane when she attacked him in their bed.

She spent several weeks in a state mental hospital, and now works as a manicurist and lives with her family.

Bobbitt, 31, denied he harmed his wife. He was acquitted of abuse in a separate trial.

Ms. Gallo had faced up to a year in jail if convicted of assault and battery in the Dec. 5 fight with her mother.

On the stand Thursday, Mrs. Gallo, 50, described the fight as little more than a shoving match.

The Spanish-speaking Mrs. Gallo said through an interpreter that she and her daughter struggled briefly before her 20-year-old son separated them. When prosecutor John Kassabian confronted her with the police photos, Mrs. Gallo denied they show scratches or cuts.

``No, those are just pimples that come out on me,'' Mrs. Gallo said.

Incredulous, Kassabian jabbed his finger at one photograph.

``This line right here is a pimple?''

``Yes, they come out big,'' she replied.

Outside the courtroom, Kassabian said his hands were largely tied.

``This was a difficult case. The victim didn't want to proceed,'' he said.

Defense lawyer William Boyce said Ms. Gallo is relieved.

``She'd very much like to resume a life out of the spotlight,'' he said.