BOSTON (AP) _ Kitty Dukakis is back in the public eye to help cancer-stricken children through her new Outward Bound program.

Mrs. Dukakis has rarely been seen in public since she checked into a substance abuse clinic following the failed Democratic presidential campaign of her husband, Michael, in 1988.

Now she's happily promoting the program she founded, called Island of Hope.

``I had heard about cancer camps in California,'' Mrs. Dukakis said Wednesday. ``I didn't understand why, with our wealth of treatment centers, there wasn't one in Massachusetts.''

About 20 teen-agers a summer participate in Island of Hope, which gives young cancer patients a week of survival training, accompanied by counselors and other children who fought cancer.

Mrs. Dukakis and her husband divide their time between Massachusetts and California, where she is a social worker and he is a professor for part of the year at the University of California, Los Angeles.