SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) _ The Rev. Larry O'Dell sowed $1,281 and reaped five times as much.

At the start of Lent, O'Dell handed out cash to members of his congregation and, citing a parable in the Bible, asked them to use their talents to invest the money and then donate their earnings to the church.

On Easter Sunday, the collection plates at Christ United Methodist Church contained $5,610.63, with more money still coming in.

O'Dell had dispensed the seed money in crisp, new bills _ fives for adults and twos for children _ and gave the congregation 40 days to invest it. It came back as a combination of cash and checks, with a note explaining how each member of the congregation used his or her talents.

``One man makes duck calls. He used his money to make a handmade duck call. I think it brought in $50. A lot of people made pies and peanut brittle,'' O'Dell said.

The students in an adult Sunday school class pooled their $5s and put together a cookbook. Children held car washes or raked lawns.

``That was the whole point _ to find out what they could do,'' O'Dell said. ``Some people said this helped find out who they are.''