CHERRY HILL, NJ (AP) — Rob Base says his 1988 hit "It Takes Two" is "like wine: it gets better with time." Base says he was a street rapper and he and musical partner DJ EZ Rock thought they were making that song just for the locals. Base says he loves doing that song in concert because even kids who weren't born when the song was released know all the words. Base is currently on the "I Love The '90s" tour with Salt N Pepa, Montell Jordan, All 4 One, Coolio, Young MC and Tone Loc. DJ EZ Rock died four years ago. Base says it's still hard sometimes to take the stage without him because they were friends since fifth grade.



018314-a-178:56-(Rob Base, rapper)-"a good time (second reference)"-Rob Base marks 30 years of "It Takes Two" (6 Jul 2018)

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018316-a-160:56-(Rob Base, rapper)-"happened that way"-Rob Base marks 30 years of "It Takes Two" (6 Jul 2018)

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018317-a-153:12-(Rob Base, rapper)-"pretty hard sometimes"-Rob Base marks 30 years of "It Takes Two" (6 Jul 2018)

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018315-a-65:76-(Rob Base, rapper)-"know, it's crazy"-Rob Base marks 30 years of "It Takes Two" (6 Jul 2018)

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NASHVILLE (AP) — AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys acknowledges the success of "God, Your Momma and Me" with Florida Georgia Line opened up the possibilities of country music to him. McLean released the country single "Back Porch Bottle Service," although he says it also has pop and urban elements to it. McLean says what attracted him to country music is that it's about storytelling, and he wants to tell his story. He says the other thing that attracted him is that country music fans have shown they're open to new things, and that's what he's trying to do.



018305-a-119:04-(AJ McLean, singer with the Backstreet Boys)-"up listening to"-Backstreet Boy AJ McLean goes country (6 Jul 2018)

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018308-a-106:32-(AJ McLean, singer with the Backstreet Boys)-"so beside myself"-Backstreet Boy AJ McLean goes country (6 Jul 2018)

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018306-a-143:52-(AJ McLean, singer with the Backstreet Boys)-"perfect summer jam"-Backstreet Boy AJ McLean goes country (6 Jul 2018)

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018307-a-155:28-(AJ McLean, singer with the Backstreet Boys)-"trying something new"-Backstreet Boy AJ McLean goes country (6 Jul 2018)

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Rodney Crowell says he's been thinking for 30 years about how to rewrite the last verse of "Shame on the Moon." Now we get to find out how he really wanted it to sound. Crowell tells Billboard magazine he never liked the way he ended that song, so he rewrote it for his new album, "Acoustic Classics." Crowell says Bob Seger "owns that song" and Seger's performance is superior to his. Crowell says he doesn't know if he's improved it, but he was "able to document another look at that song." ''Acoustic Classics" is a collection of songs Crowell wrote that other artists turned into hits. It comes out next Friday.


CLEVELAND (AP) — The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will open a new exhibit about the connection between rock music and pinball, and as you can imagine, The Who's "Tommy" is a prominent part of it. The acoustic guitar Pete Townshend used to compose "Pinball Wizard" is part of the display, along with the classic "Wizard" and "Tommy" pinball machines. The 1976 pinball game Captain Fantastic, based on the album by Elton John and his character in "Tommy," will be part of the exhibit. So will machines based on The Rolling Stones, Ted Nugent, Guns N' Roses, Elvis Presley, Metallica, Kiss, AC/DC and Dolly Parton. The exhibit opens next Wednesday with unlimited play of the machines. After July 15, visitors will get a limited number of tokens included with their admission ticket.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Baha Men will be featured on Monday's episode of "The Bachelorette" on ABC. Becca and Blake will go on a date walking down a beach and run into a Baha Men performance.

by Margie Szaroleta