UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ Great Britain and the United States on Wednesday vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution calling for economic sanctions against South Africa in response to a June 5 raid into Angola.

The resolution also sought compensation for damage caused in the raid on the Angolan port of Namibe. A Cuban ship sank during the raid and two Soviet ships and port facilities were damaged.

France abstained and the 12 other members voted in favor.

South Africa has denied any connection with the attack and blamed it on Angolan opponents of that country's Marxist government.

Angolan Ambassador Elisio de Figueiredo said he regretted the vetos. He said no effective pressure can be brought against the South African government without support from the United States and Britain.

U.S. Delegate Herbert Okun said the United States vetoed the resolution because it would ''impede the path to negotiations between the government and its opponents'' and would hurt all South Africans.

He said the United States also opposed a portion of the resolution that called for military aid to Angola.

British Delegate Peter Maxey said his country opposes economic boycotts because they do not work.

The United States and Britain vetoed a similar resolution last month after South African raids on black guerrilla bases in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.