PARIS — France's government pushes one of the world's toughest laws against prostitution and sex trafficking, and other countries are watching closely. Advocates hope that a draft French law will help change long-held attitudes toward the world's oldest profession — by punishing the customer instead of the prostitute. But it's facing resistance in a country with a libertine reputation and a Mediterranean macho streak, and prompted petitions signed by people including Catherine Deneuve and Charles Aznavour defending those who buy sex. By Sylvie Colbert. UPCOMING 500 words by 1500 GMT.


BUCHAREST, Romania — Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang joins a summit of leaders from Central and East Europe to discuss Chinese investment in infrastructure construction, renewable energy and agriculture. Photos.


BUCHAREST, Romania — Judge to hand down verdict and sentence for the two ringleaders who pleaded guilty to stealing paintings by Monet, Matisse and Picasso from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in a daring nighttime art heist that shocked the art world. Verdict and sentence expected at 0900 GMT. Story shortly after. Photos.


SANICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Just outside the rustic village, children fished in a tranquil pond bobbing with green algae and lined with willow trees, as cattle grazed nearby. Now, townsfolk gaze in disbelief down a gigantic moonlike crater where the pond used to be. It's like something from a science fiction movie: a sinkhole swallowed the water, the fish and even nearby trees. By Amel Emric. SENT 350 words. Photos.


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis publishes a major document on spreading the faith. 130 words expected by 1100GMT; 350 words by 1300 GMT. By Nicole Winfield. Photos.


FLORENCE, Italy — Lawyers representing the family of slain British student Meredith Kercher make their case for why a Florence appeals court should reinstate the murder conviction and jail sentence against American student Amanda Knox and her former Italian boyfriend. By Colleen Barry. Court opens at 0900 GMT. Story by 1300 GMT. Photos.


EDINBURGH, Scotland — Scotland's YES campaign and political leaders release the long awaited 'white paper' expected to spell out plans for independence, including difficult issues like currency use and EU membership. The paper may answer longstanding questions about how independence advocates plan to organize society if next year's referendum endorses separation from Britain. By Ben McConville: UPCOMING 450 words by 1500 GMT. Photos.


GENEVA — The head of the World Trade Organization will deliver the verdict Tuesday on whether there can be a global trade deal that has been a decade in the making and that proponents say could give the world economy a $1 trillion boost. The package that 159 trade ministers could be asked to sign next month in Bali would include a proposed agreement to cut red tape, boost government buying from subsistence farmers and help least developed countries. By John Heilprin. UPCOMING 130 words after 1300 GMT, 600 words by 1700 GMT. Photos.


LISBON, Portugal — Portugal's coalition government is set to use its majority in Parliament to approve its 2014 state budget despite the fierce objections of opposition parties and labor groups. Time of vote not known.