Undated (AP) _ Candidates supported by political extremist Lyndon LaRouche lost contested primaries to Democratic Party-endorsed candidates in Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina.

''I'm really not disappointed,'' Georgia Irey said Tuesday after being trounced by Jill L. Long for the Indiana Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate. ''We're building a constituency here... We have to continue educating people.''

LaRouche believes, among other things, that the Queen of England is behind an international drug organization, Henry Kissinger is a Soviet agent and that victims of AIDS should be quarantined.

The political tide has turned against LaRouche supporters since the March Illinois primary when two of his followers won spots on the Democratic ticket for lieutenant governor and secretary of state.

In Indiana, LaRouche followers lost or were trailing in the eight Democratic congressional primaries they entered and five legislative primaries.

Sen. John Glenn of Ohio won a commanding victory over LaRouche backer Don Scott.

There were 14 LaRouche supporters in Ohio's 21 congressional races, two of whom were unopposed, and spotty returns showed at least eight had lost. State Democratic officials refused to endorse any LaRouche supporters.

In North Carolina, Milton Croom ranked ninth in a 10-candidate field in the Democratic primary for the Senate nomination won by former Gov. Terry Sanford. Although Croom had ties to LaRouche, he insisted he was not a member of the organization.

Earlier this week, national Democratic Party officials said Texas party leaders did a ''solid job'' of educating voters and defeating LaRouche candidates at nearly every turn in Saturday's primary. There will be one runoff election involving a LaRouche supporter for the Democratic Party chairmanship in San Antonio.

The Texas vote was the first since the Illinois primary.

''We're optimistic that voters in other states will follow the lead of Texas Democrats and continue to reject these bizarre cultists,'' Terry Michael, spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, said Monday.