AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) _ Philips Electronics NV said Tuesday that its researchers have created a soft plastic computer display that could result in floppy electronic newspapers.

Using a plastic-based semiconductor rather than a conventional silicon chip, researchers constructed a stamp-sized plastic screen, the company said.

``The image is crude, which is what you get with a 64 pixel by 64 pixel screen,'' said Philips spokeswoman Marianne Vincken.

``You still have to develop the process, and it's difficult to estimate when you could have a product ready for market ... but in theory there's a huge cost advantage in plastic chips.''

Plastic chips are easier to make than silicon semiconductors, because they require fewer production stages and less stringent ``clean room'' conditions. This could make them suitable for large and flexible display screens, a company statement said.

``This kind of reloadable flexible display may even replace the daily newspaper one day,'' the statement added.


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