MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) _ Nicaragua's ambassador to the European Union is out in the cold after complaining he wasn't given enough money to properly heat the embassy.

The Foreign Ministry said Wednesday it fired Ambassador Leonel Teller Sanchez ``for disciplinary reasons'' a few hours after he accused Foreign Minister Eduardo Montealegre of starving the embassy in Brussels of funds to repair a boiler.

``I have sent home all the employees because they were dying of cold,'' Teller said. ``There was no heat, and they did not send us money from Managua.''

He said he told Montealegre about the problem almost a year ago, but that the government didn't take him seriously.

``The times I tried to speak with the minister to explain the situation, he never picked up the telephone,'' Teller complained.

In a news release, the ministry admitted to having ``problems caused by a low budget.''