VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) _ A 15-year-old student who claimed to have the AIDS virus was suspended for pricking 10 classmates with a safety pin she said was contaminated with her infected blood.

``Now you have AIDS,'' she told the victims, Superintendent Roger Luekens said Wednesday.

Luekens declined to say whether the youth has been tested for the virus that causes AIDS, citing privacy laws. Her mother said her daughter had tested negative for HIV last fall.

After her suspension Friday, the student threatened to bring a weapon to school, said Luekens. A guard has been hired to patrol school halls until June 10, the last day of the year, he said.

``The kids are scared and I am too. We're all afraid of what's to come,'' Judy LaHayne, the mother of a child who was stuck, said Tuesday.

Luekens said affected students were being referred to doctors for testing.

Health officials said blood-borne infections could be transmitted through pin pricks, but the risk of getting hepatitis B, a suspected link to liver cancer, is greater than HIV.