JERUSALEM (AP)_ An Israeli court granted a defense request Wednesday for more psychiatric testing for the Jewish extremist whose posters depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a pig outraged Muslims.

The Supreme Court ruled last week that Tatiana Suszkin, who has been held in a psychiatric hospital since her arrest, was mentally fit to stand trial.

But Wednesday, the Jerusalem District Court agreed she could undergo independent testing.

Sean Casper, Suszkin's lawyer, said earlier tests show his client was suffering from psychiatric problems on the day she hung the fliers from the shutters of Arab-owned shops in the West Bank town of Hebron.

``The psychiatrist who is treating me says I was not responsible for my actions when I committed the crimes,'' Suszkin told Israel's Army Radio. ``It could be that today I can stand trial, but I am not responsible for what I did then.''

Results of the private psychiatric test are expected by Sept. 10, when Suszkin's trial is scheduled to begin.

Suszkin, a 26-year-old art school dropout and supporter of the outlawed anti-Arab Kach movement, was arrested in June. Her action triggered riots in Hebron and outrage throughout the Muslim world.

Islamic militants cited her drawing as a motive in the July 30 suicide bombing that killed 16 people in Jerusalem.