MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ Here is the text of Ferdinand E. Marcos' letter to the Filipino people, as released Monday to The Associated Press by a source close to Marcos. The source insisted on anonymity.

The letter, dated March 21 was mostly in Tagalog, also known as Pilipino, the national language. Paragraphs that were in English are so identified. The postscript was in Marcos' native Ilocano. The translation was done by the AP:

My Beloved Filipino Countrymen,

I am constrained to write to you so that once more you will know the whole truth and that you will fully understand what really happened to me and the people I love when we left Malacanang that night of February 25 of the current year.

We were taken by a helicopter of the U.S. Air Force to Clark Air Base. We were to have gone to Laoag, Ilocos Norte, but we were taken to Guam and then here at Hickam Air Base in Hawaii.

The Philippine currency which we should have brought with us to Laoag, which is still part of the Philippines, was separated from us and was taken to American territory in Guam and Hawaii without us having anything to do with it.

I am very grateful to President Ronald Reagan of America, his Secretary of State, (George) Shultz, and Cincpac (the U.S. commander-in-chief, Pacific) and the others who helped us, in their government or outside. It is not true as the reports circulating say that we are like prisoners here in America. Almost all comforts and conveniences are being given sincerely - a house, food for us parents and the children.

As soon as we are settled and the possessions that were seized by those who now control the armed forces are returned to us, I will pay back all our expenses here.

The news we hear is that those who hold the armed forces are planning to establish a revolutionary government so that they can continue to grab the property of anyone they fancy.

The stealing continues. It cannot be ascertained anymore who these people were who had stolen every day, every night. Abuses of citizens continue.

They know that the country's situation is worsening. There is no solution to the country's problems. That is why they distort the news and fabricate the sins they impute to me, the first lady and those who help us ... All deceptions and lies. They are carrying out their pre-election plans, that if I won the election, it would allegedly be because of frauds and terrorism. But it is clear that they were the ones who terrorized the citizens and bought votes.

(Ellipses indicate one unintelligible paragraph that was deleted.)

Eight hundred million dollars are supposedly deposited in Switzerland. Concoctions and lies dreamed up by those who are scheming to get rich.

They shout about the political assassination of (Oscar) Salvatierra, the editor of an opposition newspaper. Marcos allegedly ordered the killing. But the U.S. FBI and Los Angeles police found out that his son and girl friend committed the murder.

We were implicated in the murder of Domingo, a laborer in San Francisco. It was a long time ago that our names were dropped from that case.

They claim we own that big building on 12 Stockton Street - a hidden wealth in San Francisco.

The same with No. 40 Wall Street, New York.

All these had been explained before. But they are bringing this up again.

Many more allegations will perhaps be made against us.

(In English) But I intend to do legal battle with all the strength and resources at my command in order for truth and justice to prevail.

(In English) We have retained the services of counsel - the law office of Anderson, Hibey and Davis, one of the most oustanding law offices in Washington.

(In English) As to Gen. Fabian Ver, he will appear in all courts or investigating bodies that require his testimony and file the proper countercharges. We do not intend to abandon our friends and loyal supporters limited as our capabilities are now. God willing, we will see each other again.

(Tagalog) You can be sure that we will see each other again.

Thank you and long life to you all.

Your servant,

Ferdinand E. Marcos


To you my people in the north who are praying for me and my family, let us continue to trust in our dreams, with the help of our Lord God, who is Almighty.

Remain united so that we will see each other again, God willing.

Your son,

Ferdinand E. Marcos