WASHINGTON (AP) _ Nancy Reagan canceled plans to visit a school in Nashville, Tenn., after coming down with a ''bad case'' of laryngitis, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

The visit had been scheduled for Wednesday. It was the second time the first lady had been forced to cancel the visit to Warner Elementary School and a drug and alcohol abuse prevention program; a snowstorm had prevented Mrs. Reagan from visiting the city the first time.

Wendy Weber Toler, a spokeswoman for Mrs. Reagan, said the White House physician, Dr. John Hutton, had advised the first lady not to travel.

''She can't talk. It's a bad case of laryngitis,'' Mrs. Toler said of the first lady. ''She started losing her voice last night.''

Mrs. Toler said Mrs. Reagan was ''just resting'' in the White House residence and was ''gargling with salt water'' to treat the laryngitis.