LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Michael Buffer is ready to rumble in a court of law.

Buffer, who's ``Let's Get Ready To Rumble'' has been a staple at major boxing matches and other sporting and entertainment events around the world, has filed a lawsuit claiming his well-known opening is being used for profit without his permission.

Buffer, 53, claims Aureus Records, Warlock Records, Inc., Clubhouse Records and others produced, distributed and are selling nationally a CD entitled: ``Craziewhite Peckawoods `Let's Get Ready To Rumble' '' without authorization.

According to the lawsuit filed in Federal Court, the CD repeatedly replicates Buffer's voice and contains multiple enunciations of his trademark opening.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard A. Paez issued a temporary restraining order last Friday prohibiting further manufacture, distribution or sale of the allegedly infringing CDs pending a formal hearing on Buffer's application for a preliminary injunction.

A hearing on the matter was scheduled for Dec. 30.

In addition to asking that his ``Let's Get Ready To Rumble'' service mark no longer be used by the defendants, Buffer is asking for $1 million in damages.

'' `Let's Get Ready to Rumble' is now considered the clarion call to the pure integrity of the competitive spirit,'' Buffer's manager and brother, Bruce Buffer, said Monday. ``Because of this, Michael is called upon to appear at the many sporting and entertainment events that he does around the world.

``We are shocked that they would violate federal trademark law and brazenly appropriate his service mark for their CD title, and engage artists to repeat his service mark over 200 times in the CD, copying Michael's distinctive rendition over 30 times.''