DALLAS (AP) _ A fashionable night club paid a $10,500 fine and agreed not to allow dancing for 15 days as part of a negotiated settlement of charges they allowed drug use, officials say.

Forty-seven arrests followed a police raid at the Starck Club last August.

The fine was part of an agreement in which the management waived a hearing before the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and pleaded no contest to allowing patron use of controlled substances, Allen Johnson, director of hearings for the TACB, said Tuesday.

Johnson said the club could have been closed for 60 days, but law allows a fine of $175 per day instead of closing.

The dancing ban resulted from proceedings initiated by the Dallas Police Department's alcohol and licensing unit through negotiations with an assistant city attorney. The club agreed to ban dancing at the club from April 20 through May 4, according to Wes Mikel, who heads the unit.

Teresa LaBarbera, a public relations spokeswoman, issued a brief statement for the club: ''It's come to an end, and we're real happy about it.''

Officers said that during the raid they found a variety of drugs, including Ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana, scattered throughout the club.

Police did not allege club owners and managers were dealing drugs.

Narcotics Lt. David M. Davis said sanctions should have been tougher.

''A lot of the complaints were coming from out-of-town people,'' Davis said. ''They were appalled about the open drug activity. It hurts the city's image as you try to attract the tourist trade and convention trade.''