LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Robbery and attempted murder charges against college basketball player Kenny Brunner were dropped after a coach was unable to identify him as the attacker.

The charges against Brunner were dropped Wednesday, two days before the scheduled start of his trial, for lack of evidence, prosecutor Andrew Bassis said.

Brunner, 19, starred as a freshman last season at Georgetown, before transferring to Fresno State.

He was accused of robbing and trying to shoot Los Angeles City College basketball coach Mike Miller on May 22.

However, after charges were filed, Miller and two witnesses changed their statements and said they were unsure whether Brunner was the man who drew a handgun in the school gymnasium and took $1,500 after pointing a gun at Miller's chest and pulling the trigger. The gun misfired.

Brunner had been detained for the past four months at the city jail, where he was unable to make $550,000 bail.

Miller had identified Brunner and a former student he said drove a getaway car. LaDale Lunnie, 20, of Hawthorne, still faces trial on robbery charges Nov. 3.

Brunner's attorney, Jerome Bradford, said his client was ``overwhelmed'' by the developments.

``He's disappointed that there are people out there who believe that he actually did this,'' Bradford said.

Brunner still faces charges from a different problem in Fresno. He was arrested in March for allegedly assaulting a man with a samurai sword and robbing him of cash and a camera.