OLDSMAR, Fla. (AP) _ A goat is playing surrogate mother to a thoroughbred foal, even though she has to climb atop two bales of hay to nurse the orphan, already twice her size at 6 weeks old.

And feedings have to be supplemented with powdered milk because of a difference between the goat's supply and the little horse's demand, owners Bobby and Mary Hodge said Wednesday.

The mother of Cindy died after complications during delivery March 24.

Cindy was bottle fed until three weeks ago.

When the Hodges first put her together with the goat, Mindy, who had just weaned four or five of her own offspring, the goat huddled in a corner of the stall.

But after a few hours the two began to warm up to each other.

''I suspect she thinks it's her baby - maybe the biggest baby she ever saw,'' Hodge said. ''Cindy watches the goat munch grass and tags alongside, nibbling with her.''