VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) _ Vancouver Canucks forward Donald Brashear pleaded guilty to assaulting a man at his housing complex last November.

Brashear is scheduled for sentencing Dec. 4 and still faces a charge of uttering threats in the case.

The maximum penalty for assault is six months in jail or a fine of about $1,260. Brashear's charges fall on the lower end of the assault scale and he is not expected to spend any time behind bars.

Brashear entered the plea Tuesday and refused to comment after the Canucks' 3-1 win over Columbus that night.

The charges stem from Nov. 29, 2000, when a man told police there had been a confrontation in a fitness room of Brashear's complex. The man accused Brashear of grabbing him by the throat.

Police said at the time no one was seriously injured.