DUBREUILVILLE, Ontario (AP) _ More than 1,000 people have been evacuated as two fires that had been intentionally set by authorities closed in on this northern Ontario town.

The Ministry of Natural Resources started the fires Aug. 2 to clear dead wood from the forest so new growth would emerge. But spokesman Bob Thomas said Tuesday that dry weather had helped the flames whip out of control and advance to within about a mile of Dubreuilville.

Geoff Lee, another ministry spokesman, said the two fires were supposed to burn just one or two days, ``but now, they're all over the place.''

Some 80 fires were burning Tuesday across northern Ontario.

The Dubreuilville residents were evacuated Monday, as the fires closed in. About 100 people stayed to protect the town as a dozen fire crews battled the blaze. Another 100 American firefighters were being sent in.

Thomas said the outlook was good, since winds were calmer Tuesday and rain was expected later in the week.

In northern Quebec, a fire bearing down on the village of Parent forced 500 people to evacuate. It was one of four burning out of control in the province.