FARR, Scotland (AP) _ Trying to find the right McKay can be a wee problem in the Scottish Highlands village of Farr.

But Ann Allan came up with a solution: a separate telephone book for the district, complete with first names.

Of the district's 600 residents, there are about 200 McKays or Mackays.

''This is what they call 'Mackay Country,' there are so many of them,'' the former innkeeper said. ''It's amazing how many Mackays are here.''

Previously, Farr and the 12 surrounding villages in its district on mainland Scotland's most northern coast had to use the British Telecom's Highlands and Islands directory, which lists more than 2,000 Mackays, mostly only by first initial. British telephone books usually do not list first names.

Mrs. Allan has come up with a new, 12-page Farr and District Directory, which sells for about $2.25, with the proceeds going to help buy equipment at the local medical practice.

The directory even lists middle names.

''There are a lot of double names up here - Willie John, Angus John,'' she said. ''We list names as fully as possible, except for the ladies of course - they might get funny phone calls.''