WASHINGTON —The Justice Department has charged former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden with espionage and theft of government property in the NSA surveillance case. Moved. By Peter Yost. AP Photos.


HONG KONG — Hong Kong was silent Saturday on whether a former National Security Agency contractor should be extradited to the United States now that he has been charged with espionage, but some legislators said the decision should be up to the Chinese government. Moved.


PESHAWAR — Fifteen people are dead after an attack on a Shiite Muslim mosque in Pakistan. Police say militants opened fire on the mosque, and then a suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside. Moved.


BEIJING — He is no musician, but the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei is resorting to music to convey his criticism and mockery of China's authoritarian state. Moved. AP Photos.


BEIJING — Chinese state television has shown men catching a 2-and-a-half-year-old girl who apparently fell from a fifth-story window. Moved.


BANGKOK —European ambassadors have urged authorities on a Thai resort island work to ensure foreign tourists are safe from crime, corruption and dangerous road and swimming conditions. Moved.


JOSHIMATH, India —Rescuers found bodies in the River Ganges and in the muddy, broken earth left by landslides, raising the death toll from monsoon flooding in mountainous northern India to nearly 600 Friday, officials said. Moved. By Rafiq Maqbool. AP Photos.



JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesia announced a fuel price increase of up to 44 percent late Friday, reducing the costly subsidies that have kept pump prices in Southeast Asia's largest economy among the world's lowest. Moved. By Ali Kotarumalos.


TAIPEI, Taiwan —Taiwan and China signed a wide-ranging agreement Friday to open up their service sectors, another milestone in the ever-closer trade and economic ties between the political rivals. Effective later this year, China will allow Taiwanese firms to conduct online shopping and offer medical care, transportation, tourism and other services on the mainland, Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation, a semi-official group handling trade talks with China, said on its website. Moved.


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