LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) _ The Olympic corruption scandal grew dramatically today when an Australian official said he had offered $70,000 in inducements to two African IOC members the night before Sydney won the 2000 Games by two votes.

Australia's senior IOC member, who said he was not involved in the offer, acknowleged that the inducement could be seen as a bribe and bring demands for Sydney to be stripped of the games.

The latest development in the growing corruption crisis came on the same day that a Libyan delegate became the second IOC member to resign amid vote-buying allegations in Salt Lake City's selection as host of the 2002 Winter Games.

Bashir Mohamed Attarabulsi gave his resignation to IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch, one day before a special IOC commission concludes its inquiry into the Salt Lake scandal.

Samaranch did not rule out other resignations this weekend. He said seven other IOC members face possible expulsion in the Salt Lake case.