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DENVER (AP) _ Margot Kidder, the ``Superman'' star who is now a 54-year-old grandmother, considers herself a ``poster child for mental health.''

Six years after a nationally publicized breakdown that left her wandering the streets of Los Angeles, Kidder says her ``periodic bungee jumps into craziness'' are a thing of the past.

``For me, the solution was finally getting away from psychiatric drugs and actually healing my body so I wouldn't have the symptoms that are called mental illness,'' said Kidder, who begins appearing Tuesday at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts in ``The Vagina Monologues.''

Kidder says she's not looking for husband No. 4. ``I had three weddings. That's enough,'' she said.

``I'm just a grandma now, so I'm not someone people fall in love with anymore,'' she said. ``But you can stay in love with the lady in the movies. That would be nice.''