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OMAHA, Neb. (AP) _ A pipe bomb similar to 17 others found in four other states was discovered in a rural mailbox in Texas, the FBI said Tuesday.

The bomb was found near Amarillo, Texas, said FBI agent Larry Holmquist in Omaha. A letter was attached, investigators said.

``It's another pipe bomb. It looks similar to the others,'' he said. ``Upon our initial inspection, it appears it would be from the same source.''

The letter was attached to the pipe bomb, but investigators had not yet inspected it, Holmquist said. It wasn't certain whether the bomb was found late Monday or early Tuesday.

``We haven't made any comparisons yet, but everything else, including the bomb itself, looks similar in nature,'' he said.

Amarillo is about 325 miles southeast from Salida, Colo., where one of the pipe bombs was found Monday.

The pipe bomb scare began last Friday when six people were injured by mailbox explosives in Illinois and Iowa, creating new fears about domestic terrorism striking the heartland.

The latest discovery in Colorado now has authorities looking for geographical patterns.