DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) _ Ford Motor Co. says its salaried employees now can give vehicle discounts to others.

Under a modification of the so-called X plan, 54,000 workers can sign up three people a year for the savings on Fords internal computer network, Ford said.

``There is no management approval needed and no paperwork,'' said company spokesman Ed Miller.

Vehicles bought under the X plan cost 4 percent more than those bought through the A plan, Ford's popular discount program for employees and their families.

A Ford Taurus SE retailing for $19,700 cost about $18,000 under the X plan and $17,300 under the A plan, Ed Jolliffe, general manager of Gorno Ford in Woodhaven, told The Detroit News.

Some high-end models are excluded from the X plan.

In January, General Motors Corp. sent millions of $500 loyalty coupons to customers, employees and retirees.

GM made the coupons transferable to allow employees and customers to pass them on to friends, said GM spokeswoman Rebecca Harris.