KIEV, Ukraine — A Ukrainian court has released all those arrested during a violent police dispersal of demonstrators near the presidential administration building, one of the demands of the opposition that has conducted three weeks of large protests. An appeals court spokeswoman, Olga Chaplya, said the last of nine people arrested in the Dec. 1 clash was released on Friday, but the criminal cases against them continue. SENT 130 words. Developing.


VATICAN CITY — Hopes are dwindling that the Vatican's three-year experiment to radically reform the cult-like Legion of Christ religious order has succeeded, raising the question of what Pope Francis will do with it after the congregation elects a new leader next month. By Nicole Winfield. UPCOMING 1,000 words by 1300 GMT. Photos.


VIENNA — Assassinations, cyber-attacks and possible military strikes: As nuclear negotiations with Iran enter a crucial stage, Tehran is voicing fears that tougher oversight of its activities will increase the risks of an attack on its atomic facilities and the scientists working on them. Iranian fears that the country's nuclear activities are a target are plausible but some nuclear experts say such concerns are overblown. Five of Tehran's nuclear scientists and researchers have been killed in Iran since 2010 and a computer virus aimed at the heart of Tehran's nuclear program temporarily slowed its uranium enrichment activities three years ago. By George Jahn. SENT 1,000 words, photo.


MOSCOW — Russia's chief weather forecaster says Sochi will have enough snow for the Winter Olympics in February. Two test events in Sochi had to be cancelled last February because of lack of snow or rainy weather in the area, which is the only sub-tropical region of Russia. SENT 210 words.


BERLIN — German prosecutors say they are investigating a former Nazi concentration camp guard in the Berlin area on suspicion of murder after receiving a tip from the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Spokesman Martin Steltner said Friday that the 87-year-old is alleged to have been involved in killings while serving as a guard at the Dachau camp near Munich. By David Rising. SENT 500 words.


MOSCOW — Russia's Supreme Court has ordered a review of the case against two jailed members of the Pussy Riot punk band saying that a lower court did not fully prove their guilt. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alekhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich were found guilty of hooliganism motived by religious hatred in August 2012 following an impromptu protest in Moscow's main cathedral, and sentenced to two years in prison each. Samutsevich was released several months later on suspended sentence. SENT 130 words.


LONDON — British author Colin Wilson, who gained fame with his first book, "The Outsider," has died. He was 82. Colin Stanley, Wilson's publisher and bibliographer, says the writer and philosopher never fully recovered from a stroke in 2011.



DUBLIN — Ireland's three-year bailout experience formally ends on Sunday. A look at where the country stands, what its risks are financing itself on bond markets without EU support, and whether the bailout program was, on a balance, a success. By Shawn Pogatchnik. UPCOMING 800 words by 1500 GMT.