ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ A court ordered trials Tuesday for eight more people accused of taking part in riots during President Clinton's brief visit to Greece last week.

The suspects were released pending trial. No trial date has been set.

In total, 21 people have been ordered to stand trial on felony charges related to the arson and vandalism spree during Clinton's visit to Athens on Friday. Three were ordered jailed pending trial; the rest were released.

Felony charges against five people were dropped.

The riots marred Clinton's 23-hour visit and touched off a flurry of blame-casting among political leaders.

The violence broke out when a group of demonstrators attempted to break a police cordon preventing them from reaching the U.S. Embassy. Hooded attackers burned or damaged about 80 stores and banks.

There were fears that the prosecution would trigger a backlash of firebombings and other attacks from the many small leftist terrorist groups in Athens. About 100 supporters of those accused in the unrest gathered peacefully outside the court house.