LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Rob Reiner's star is alongside his dear old dad's.

Famous as the character derided as Meathead on the old ``All in the Family'' TV series, Reiner got a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame beside the one dedicated to his father, comic Carl Reiner.

More than 300 people, including Reiner's father, gathered on Hollywood Boulevard to witness Tuesday's unveiling of the walkway's 2,146th star.

``I'm in a good place next to my father,'' Reiner told the cheering crowd.

``It's very exciting to be alive to see your son be applauded,'' the elder Reiner said. ``The two of us will be able to come here on weekdays and polish each others stars.''

As the younger Reiner approached the podium, someone in the audience yelled, ``We love you Meathead.''

The director shook his head. ``I get Meathead every time. `Meathead wins Nobel Prize,' that's what they will say,'' he lamented.

The younger Reiner directed such hit movies as ``Stand By Me,'' ``When Harry Met Sally,'' ``Misery,'' ``A Few Good Men'' and ``The American President.''