PARIS (AP) _ The freighter Karin B., carrying 2,100 tons of unwanted toxic wastes, weighed anchor Tuesday off the Normandy coast to sail back to Italy, where the wastes began their long journey, the government said.

The ship was resupplied with food, water and fuel Monday night in international waters off Cherbourg, the French Ministry of the Ocean said.

The chemical wastes orginally were shipped from Italy to Nigeria, where they were dumped illegally. Nigerian authorities seized an Italian ship to back up their demand that Italy pick up the wastes and take them away.

The Karin B. was one of two ships chartered by the Italian government in July to carry the wastes back to Europe. France, Britain, Spain, West Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands all refused entry to the ship.

Italy said on Friday that the ship could return and unload its cargo.