BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) _ Guerrillas wounded two pro-Israeli militiamen in south Lebanon on Sunday, provoking a retaliatory bombardment that wounded four other people, Lebanese security officials said.

In the guerrilla attack, the Hezbollah group ambushed a jeep of the South Lebanon Army militia on its way to Kfar Roumman in the Israeli-occupied zone in south Lebanon.

A rocket hit the jeep and moderately wounded two militiamen, Lebanese officials said on condition of anonymity. They were admitted to a hospital in Marjayoun, the main town in the Israeli-occupied enclave.

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement issued in Beirut.

Israeli and SLA gunners retaliated by bombarding suspected guerrilla hideouts opposite the occupied zone.

Officials said three civilians and a Lebanese soldier were wounded by shrapnel. They had been returning from a funeral in Arab Salim village when a shell exploded.

Sunday's fighting came after a relative lull in fighting in south Lebanon.

The guerrillas are fighting to oust 1,500 Israeli soldiers and their SLA allies from a zone that Israel has occupied since 1985 as a buffer against cross-border attacks.

Israel has pledged to withdraw its troops from southern Lebanon by July.