TAMPA, Fla. (AP) _ Suspected serial killer Glen Rogers was sentenced to the electric chair today for the stabbing of a woman left to die in a bloody motel bathtub.

Rogers, 34, showed no visible reaction as Judge Diana Allen imposed a unanimous jury recommendation in the Nov. 5, 1995 death of Tina Marie Cribbs. The blond, husky ex-carnival worker stood shackled hand and foot, flanked by his attorneys and his brother.

Rogers is also accused of murder in Louisiana, California, and Mississippi and suspected of a killing in Kentucky as part of a 1995 cross-country crime spree.

Cribbs, a 34-year-old stranger Rogers met at a bar, agreed to give him a ride to his motel and was never seen alive again. She was stabbed twice _ an 8-inch wound through the chest that pierced a lung and a 9-inch gash to the buttocks that punctured a major artery.

Cribbs was alive and conscious and was struggling while the two deep stab wounds were inflicted, the knife twisted each time at a 90-degree angle, the judge said in her sentencing.

``All of this took place in a motel bathroom with little, if any, chance of escape,'' Allen said. ``Her lifeblood was flowing down the bathtub drain.''

Cribbs' mother, Mary Dicke, who sat in the courtroom throughout the trial, wasn't present for sentencing.

Claude Rogers, a real estate agent from Palm Springs, Calif., flew in with his wife to support his younger brother as he did throughout the trial.

``If you watch my brother _ he's been sitting watching a movie. I don't think reality has set in,'' Claude Rogers said afterward.

Glen Rogers fled the motel in Cribbs' car and was later arrested after a high speed chase in Kentucky. He told Kentucky state police that Cribbs was alive when he left the motel and that she lent him her car.

Rogers was charged with first-degree murder, robbery and grand theft. The jury found him guilty May 7 and voted unanimously for the death penalty two days later.

``I expected it,'' said Rogers' lawyer, Nick Sinardi. ``I don't know that the circumstances of this particular case warrant a death penalty. ... I think he was convicted of being a serial killer, not of the death of Tina Marie Cribbs.''