HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) _ A man convicted of raping and killing a woman who lived in his apartment complex was executed by injection Wednesday.

``I have wronged you and your family, and for that I am truly sorry,'' David Earl Gibbs said to Mickey Bryant, the brother of one of his victims, while waiting in the execution chamber. ``I forgive and I have been forgiven. Death is but a brief moments' slumber and a short journey home. I'll see you when you get there.''

Gibbs was condemned for killing Marietta Bryant, 29, in Conroe on July 1, 1985. Her roommate, Carol Ackland, 46, also was killed, but Gibbs was never tried in her death.

Both women had been released from hospitals after treatment for mental health and emotional problems. They lived in the same apartment complex as Gibbs, who worked as a nursing aide with mentally ill people.

While on death row, Gibbs, 39, killed another condemned murder. He pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and picked up an additional 20-year sentence.

Death row inmate Calvin Williams was strangled with a rope in a prison recreation yard in 1990.

Gibbs was the 31st Texas prisoner put to death this year, the fifth this month and second in as many days.