CADIZ, Ky. (AP) _ A woman suffered cuts and bruises when she was hit by an out-of-control privy during an outhouse race at the Trigg County Ham Festival.

''This would be the top of the list, as far as freak accidents,'' said Police Chief Clarence Choate. ''That's just one of those things that could never happen again.''

Choate said four men were pushing a wooden outhouse mounted on four wheels when they lost control of it during the Outhouse Race, a featured event of the festival Saturday.

The outhouse whizzed down the street with the driver inside unable to control it, Choate said. It crossed an embankment and went into a parking lot next to the county courthouse where it collided with Evelyn Mosely, 53, of Trigg County, he said.

Outhouse driver Ron Russell, 39, of Hopkinsville, suffered a shoulder injury, he said.

The outhouse remained intact, Choate said. ''It was a well-built machine.''