LOS ANGELES (AP) — Even as CBS is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against him, CEO Les Moonves' name has surfaced in a new claim. Authorities in Los Angeles say an unidentified woman alleges Moonves engaged in three incidents with her, two them in 1988 and one in 1986. Authorities have investigated — but won't file charges because the statute of limitations has expired. Two of the incidents are classified as misdemeanors — battery and indecent exposure. The third, forced oral copulation, could have been handled as a felony. Last week, New Yorker magazine reported six women accused Moonves of sexual misconduct. The author of the article says the L.A. allegations weren't not among those in that article.



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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Chris Hardwick's career is getting back on track. NBC says he will be guest host next week on "America's Got Talent" — and will return as host for season three of the game show "The Wall." Word of the NBC gigs comes a week after AMC said he's welcome back on "Talking Dead" and "Talking With Chris Hardwick." Hardwick's career seemed in jeopardy after an ex-girlfriend claimed he subjected her to sexual assault and emotional abuse. She didn't mention him specifically — but Hardwick acknowledged the allegations were about him. He denied the specifics — though he acknowledged they had a rocky relationship.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — It will be up to the highest court in Pennsylvania to determine how Bill Cosby will be treated while in prison — and after his release. The high court says it will review whether the state can designate certain sex offenders as sexually violent predators. The review wasn't prompted by the Cosby case, but the ruling will affect it. Cosby is also challenging the law as unconstitutional. Under the statute, the state can designate certain sex offenders as violent predators — which singles them out for additional counseling for the rest of their life and increased watchfulness once they are released.

Meanwhile, Cosby's sentencing on his April conviction of three counts of sexual assault is set for next month.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Imagine being a big fan of "Jeopardy!" and its longtime host, Alex Trebek — and having Trebek being a fan of yours, too. A big enough fan of you to recommend you as a possible replacement. For attorney and TV commentator Laura Coates, there's no need to imagine. She says she is blown away after Trebek said in an interview that she'd be one of his picks to replace him. Trebek let on in an interview over the weekend that he's leaning toward leaving the show when his contract expires in 2020. Trebek is 78 and has been hosting Jeopardy since 1984. The show went on hiatus last year after Trebek had brain surgery.


NEW YORK (AP) — Andy Spade is back on Instagram — with a dedication to his wife Kate Spade, who killed herself nearly two months ago. He posted a photo of a desert tree he and their teenage daughter had decorated with Christmas lights. Along with the image, Spade said his wife "loved the Midwest, the desert and the city." Kate Spade killed herself in New York in June. She was 55. Her husband says she had suffered from depression and anxiety for years.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Irrfan Khan has appeared in films such as "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Jurassic World," but now the actor is facing the biggest challenge of his life as he undergoes treatment for cancer in London. Khan tells The Associated Press in a rare interview that he has through this experience reached a peace and a clarity of mind that he feels he never would have otherwise. He announced that he had been diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor in March and says he has just finished his fourth cycle of chemotherapy. He expects to have six cycles total. Khan is currently starring in the indie drama "Puzzle," which is expanding to more cities this weekend.


LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — Actor Patrick Dempsey says someone is impersonating him online and asking his fans to give money either to him or his Maine-based nonprofit. A spokeswoman for the Dempsey Centers in Lewiston and Portland, Maine, says Dempsey is not asking anyone for money. The spokeswoman tells the Sun Journal that people have been setting up fake accounts and sending messages pretending they are seeking money for the Dempsey Centers or the actor himself. His Maine nonprofit seeks to help those affected by cancer. Dempsey was born in Maine and is best known for his role as Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd in "Grey's Anatomy."


NEW YORK (AP) — The man known as "The Hoff" has taken his third trip down the aisle. A publicist for David Hasselhoff says the actor has married model Hayley Roberts. They were married in Italy, with close friends and family on hand. The former "Baywatch" star is 66; his new bride, 38. Hasselhoff, who was also in "Knight Rider," has two daughters from his marriage to actress Pamela Bach.


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — When it comes to drawing TV viewers, competition-based shows have, well, no competition. Of the top 10 shows from last week, six are reality or competition shows. The leader of the pack: "America's Got Talent." Other shows in the top ten, according to Nielsen, are "The Bachelorette," ''World of Dance" and "Big Brother."


LOS ANGELES (AP) — To say this has been a big year for Disney movies is like saying the company has a pretty famous mouse as an icon. Disney can boast of having three movies reach the $1 billion mark this year. The latest to achieve that plateau is "Incredibles 2," which did that on Monday. The animated sequel is also the ninth biggest movie ever in North America. The two other Disney movies to reach $1 billion this year are "Black Panther" and "Avengers: Infinity War."


DALLAS (AP) — It's considered one of the rarest pieces of memorabilia for "Star Wars" fans — and the price shows it. Heritage Auctions says a draft poster for 1980 movie "The Empire Strikes Back" has sold for $26,400. The poster sold Sunday — but the buyer wants to remain anonymous. The poster features Han Solo and Princess Leia in an embrace similar to one from a "Gone With the Wind" poster. That one featured Rhett Butler carrying Scarlett O'Hara while surrounded by flames.


JAMESTOWN, N.Y. (AP) — The National Comedy Center is open for laughs in Lucille Ball's hometown. Gov. Andrew Cuomo helped cut the ribbon today on the $50 million cultural institution in the western New York city of Jamestown. It tells the story of comedy from its origins to the present with a mix of interactive exhibits, a hologram theater and comedy artifacts such as the late George Carlin's archives. Amy Schumer, Lewis Black and Dan Aykroyd are among comedians set to appear during this week's grand opening celebration. The center was inspired by Ball, who starred as Lucy Ricardo on the 1950s sitcom "I Love Lucy." Jamestown has a museum dedicated to Ball, who said she wanted to see all comedy celebrated as an art form.

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