CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) _ The Carolina Panthers have decided to fly to Atlanta after considering using buses to make it to their game Sunday, head coach George Seifert said Wednesday.

The Panthers made the decision after talking to authorities at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

``At this point, the people that we've talked to have indicated that we'll be able to expedite whatever we're doing,'' Seifert said. ``There's still going to be some delays as compared to what we've had in the past that we'll be dealing with, but we think we have a plan where it's not going to be that disruptive.''

Team officials had considered busing to Atlanta to avoid the longer waiting times that have come as a result of tighter airport security following last week's terrorist attacks.

The Panthers thought a 4- 5-hour bus trip might be quicker than working through security.

``It's what we've got to do. It's our job,'' defensive tackle Sean Gilbert said. ``Coach says fly, and we've got to get on that plane and fly. It's no big deal.''

Gilbert said he wasn't scared to fly, but he'll always have second thoughts about taking to the air.

``I'm sure when everybody steps on the plane it's going to be a little different feeling than when you stepped on it before,'' Gilbert said. ``But once we get up in the air and everything gets settled down, I think we'll be fine.''