NEW YORK (AP) _ Police are investigating the possibility that two small bombs were set on dates chosen because they are significant to right-wing groups.

The bombs, both made of small coffee cans filled with black gunpowder and set next to plate glass windows, caused little damage.

One bomb exploded early Monday outside the Planet Hollywood restaurant in midtown, causing smoke damage, and the other broke windows and a glass door Nov. 9 at an office building near City Hall in lower Manhattan.

Detectives were searching for a suspect seen fleeing the area of Monday's explosion, said police Detective Joseph Pentangelo.

Detectives do not know of a possible motive, but said Monday's blast appeared to be the work of an individual and not an organized act of terror.

However, they noted that the date of the first bombing, Nov. 9, figures prominently in ``The Turner Diaries,'' an anti-Semitic and racist novel popular with the militia movement.

And Monday's date is the anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, which includes the Second Amendment referring to the right to bear arms.

Detectives stressed that they had no other evidence that a militia group was involved in either bombing.