INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ A pit crew member injured in a crash at last month's Indianapolis 500 is starting a physical therapy program after being released from the hospital.

Steve Fried, the chief mechanic for rookie driver Robby McGehee, was released Sunday, two weeks after the accident, and remains in Indianapolis for rehabilitation.

The Mentor, Ohio, crewman was working in McGehee's pit early in the race when he was struck from behind by Jimmy Kite's car, which had been hit by another car whose brakes had failed. Fried landed on his face and suffered head and chest injuries.

Members of McGehee's team have talked with him over the phone and called his recovery miraculous.

``To have seen him lying there on pit lane only two weeks ago, and knowing how bad it was hurt, it is unbelievable to me that he has been released,'' Energizer Motorsports team leader David Conti said in a news release. ``We all knew Steve was a fighter, but this is really incredible.''

McGehee agreed.

``Steve is a tough guy, and we all know how he hates to lose,'' McGehee said. ``We miss him, and I can't wait until he is back strapping me into that car.''